The PFF team wins multiple international design awards

The gita robot is honored with the most prestigious awards for product and packaging design



Piaggio Fast Forward is a company where design always comes first. All of the innovation and engineering solutions related to our products are initiated by a design vision. And our design direction comes from the simple practice of closely observing people. Our mission is to design products that move the way people move. This is how we invented the gita robot. A following robot that can “see” its leader, pair with her/him and follow along at up to 6 mph while carrying 40 pounds of cargo. The team at PFF began by looking at where American’s are deciding to live and how they are moving around their neighborhoods and began with the simple question “What should mobility look like in the 21st century? What are the vehicles we haven’t seen that will make a real difference in our customers’ quality of life, that will improving the sense of citizenship in local communities where people live and shop, and will help to make people and our environment healthier.”

As a result, the design team at PFF has worked tirelessly to create a robot that speaks to customers who want to be more in control of how they are moving in their everyday lives and provide them with pedestrian mobility choices. The gita robot is designed as an alternative to driving and ride hailing that travels for more than twenty miles on a charge to give people a pedestrian choice when running errands, visiting friends and family, going to a park, field, school, or event, while carrying the belongings that would normally ride in the trunk or backseat of a private or hailed car.

The interaction with the gita robot is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It is a high tech product that exists at the intersection of physical and digital design. Simplicity in interaction is central to the user’s experience, from the use of two buttons, to the mygita App for locking and monitoring charge level and usage, and most of all the behavior of gita as it follows people in pedestrian environments. The design intent is always to have an intuitive understanding of gita through the design of its surfaces, its programming and PFF’s unique understanding of pedestrian etiquette.

The gita robot is a product that is attractive and accentuates your lifestyle. In designing and developing gita, the priority was to create a product that people want to be seen with. PFF designed something that individuals would have an emotional relationship to even as it performs functions for them and makes each person make mobility choices that are good for them, good for the community and good for the world.  Ultimately thinking about a whole enabling lifestyle.

Along the launch journey, we have been very focused on our customers so it is flattering to be honored with several awards in recent months. Since the launch of the gita robot in November 2019, PFF has won awards across the product design, packaging design and website categories in some of the most prestigious global competitions and competing against some of the most renowned consumer brands in the world like Apple, Audi, Sony, Nokia, and Lenovo. We are so proud of the journey we have been on and look forward to where it will take us.

Have a look at some of our outstanding accomplishments:



The Red Dot Design Award is reputable worldwide and is among one of the largest and leading design awards in the world. More than 10,000 entries are sent in annually from more than 50 countries and regions for the three categories; Product Design, Communication Design, and Design Concept. The gita robot was awarded with the “Red Dot” award for high design quality. The international jury only awards this sought-after seal of quality to products that feature an outstanding design. As well as the “Red Dot: Best of the Best” which is awarded for groundbreaking design and is the highest award in competition. This prize is reserved for the best products in a category. See and listen to what Red Dot juror Gordon Bruce said about the gita robot winning both the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2020 and the Red Dot: Best of the Best Award for Innovative Products.



The MUSE Design Awards honors design professionals of various expertise, whose works carve a path forward, while leaving their marks in history. They ascend, and take their rightful place as a MUSE. The gita robot was awarded a Platinum Muse Award for its product design and a Silver Muse Award for its packaging design system.



The Design Museum: Beazley Designs of the Year explores innovations and inventions from around the world that champion accessibility, design for women and local ideas with a global impact. Beazley Designs of the Year is an annual celebration of the most original and exciting products, concepts and designers across the globe today. Nominators were asked to select their favourite designs that inspire, represent change in their field and capture this moment in time. The gita robot was awarded with a Beazley.

Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) holds a contest for the American Package Design Awards™ celebrating the power of packaging and point-of-sale to tell the story, advance the brand, make the sale.  Marketers and retailers are challenged as never before to convey their message and promote their brand.  Package design — along with point-of-purchase and retail graphics — is increasingly the difference maker. This annual program celebrates attractive graphics, of course, but more importantly the power of effective design to advance the brand promise and to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth. The gita Robot packaging system was honored along with companies including 3M, Dell, Duracell and Magic Leap and was one of eight packaging design awards for ELECTRONICS & COMPUTERS. 



The Dieline Awards is the world’s leading packaging design competition recognizing the absolute best and brightest designers and agencies creating product packaging throughout the world, raising awareness of the enormous value that goes into brand packaging design. Through every award—all 94 of them—you’ll not only see a clear snapshot of where the packaging industry currently is, but where it's going. The gita robot packaging system was awarded as the 1st Place winner in the Technology and Self Promotion Category.